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A Ventpro designed system will complement other features of your bathroom. Why detract from the ambience with a plastic finned grille when you can have a Ventpro modern negative detail grille which is stylish, contemporary and unobtrusive.  Finished in your ceiling colour, the Ventpro grille is the grille you don't see!

In addition to that, the whisper quiet ventilation system will ensure your mirrors remain clear and your walls dry.

We will custom design a solution to ensure that condensation is a thing of the past and your decor is not compromised in any way.

Let us study your plans or work with your architect to design an efficient system, whether it be for one or multiple bathrooms. With our grilles and highly efficient fans we will meet your unique requirements and ensure you achieve the outcome you desire. 

Whether you need an extraction system as part of a renovation or a new-build, Ventpro can design and provide a solution which is modern and seamless.