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Don’t pour your heart and soul into a bathroom build or a laundry renovation, then be let down at the final hurdle by the ventilation options from your local big box retailer. Whether it’s a new build or the renovation of an existing home, we can create a ventilation system that is efficient, stylish and complements your design.

Engineered to perfection

With four decades of local experience in engineering, our ventilation products have been designed with New Zealanders in mind. Forget unsightly domes or hard-to-clean plastic fins - think finely styled and engineered grilles and fans.

Easy to install, first time

With individual components ready to go, and step by step instructions written here in New Zealand, installation is a breeze. David and the team can consult with builders, architects or homeowners about the finer points of the installation process if needed. Easy to follow data sheets are provided with all products.

Ready to transform your approach to ventilation? Here’s a snapshot of some of the Ventpro products available.

VFG-Frameless-Grille.jpgVFG 250 Frameless Grille

The ultimate in discreet bathroom and laundry ventilation for a new build. The negative detail grille is fitted into the ceiling at the gib lining stage and can be painted to match the planned decor. Coupled with a Ventpro high performance fan and ducting, it’s the closest you’ll come to invisible.

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VFR250_Small.jpgVFR 250 Framed Extract Grille

The ideal solution for a bathroom or laundry renovation when the ceiling lining is staying intact. A small hole can be cut in the ceiling before the grille is installed and the frame applied, with no need to repaint the ceiling afterwards. Both the plaque and the frame can be painted to match existing decor.

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VBX_190_cropped.jpgVBX 190 Exterior Ventilator

This externally mounted fan is available in both stainless steel and copper coatings, providing a seamless finish to the exterior of your home. Designed for use with a wall or soffit mounted install, this high performing centrifugal fan meets our silent extraction criteria.

It has the lowest profile available on the market and can be colour matched or clad in the wall material - even cedar or schist.


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2016-VBR190-Roof-mounted-Fan-1.jpg VBR 190 Roof Mounted Fan

The roof mounted extract fan is ideal for bathrooms, laundries and drying rooms. Suitable for mounting through long run or membrane roofing it has a brush finished stainless steel face plate to integrate with most modern materials.

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VBSQR_190_Square.jpgVBSQR 190 Square Curb Roof Ventilator

Our new roof curb mounted extract fan provides a discreet method of dispersing ducted air via the roof and can be supplied with either a stainless steel or copper finish. Matched with a Ventpro grille, this high performing centrifugal fan meets our silent extraction criteria.

With the lowest profile available on the market and colour matched to your roof, it becomes almost invisible.

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VBX190-Soffit-fan-2.jpgVBXGR 150 Exterior Grille

This exterior mounted grille is available in a stainless steel or copper finish, and provides a discreet, seamless way of venting air extracted from bathroom or laundry ventilation systems.

Make an enquiry today about how we can bring discreet, seamless ventilation into your bathroom or laundry.

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